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As a leader in the local aerospace parts manufacturing industry, Complexx Machining sets the standard with commitment to process efficiency and product quality. Complexx Machining is a Wichita based AS9100C registered machine shop with over 20 years experience in machining, programming and assembly.  All operations by the company are performed with the thirteen CNC Mills and Lathe in the Complexx operation.

In-House R&D  -   Machining   -   Assembly



Everymanufacture is procedures resulting in consistently high-quality parts.

Commercial and Military Grade

Top quality parts are made with the top quality materials, so Complexx never settles for less than high quality aluminum, stainless steel and titanium material.


20+ Years of Experience

Utilizing contemporary programming softwares - Catia, Verisurf and SmartCAM CNC - Complexx performs programming with attention to every detail of the part. All coding is done in-house for assurance of quality and competitive quoting and pricing. The attention on programming enhances Complexx's focus on customer satisfaction

First Part Buy-off
First Article Inspection

Through Inspection

The first part of each production operation undergoes inspection to ensure conformance to required dimension/tolerance. Complexx is known for producing high quality, a result of attention to detail in each step of the product realization process.


State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our 3-axis and 4-axis aluminum and hard-metal CNC Mills are operated effectively to bring all customer orders to reality. The in-process inspection by production operators assures that any out-of-tolerance dimension is corrected before affecting other parts.

Quality Control

Perfection is Our Standard

Detail-oriented in-process and final quality inspection ensures that customer parts are manufactured to requirements. The primary focus is continual improvement with an ultimate focus on product perfection.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Complexx manufactures, packages and ships customer parts with a focus upon on-time delviery within the customer's requirements. Complexx performs its operations with as little time wasted. This results in 99% plus On-time Delivery to customers.



Currently certified to the requirements of AS9100D and ISO9001:2015

Complexx Machining is approved by the following major aerospace companies:




NC Programming

All projects are programmed in-house by trained and approved programmers or Complexx"certified" outsourced programmers as required.  Each part program undergoes proofing from review of the 3D model review to tool path verification.


Complexx Machining puts its equipment to work to maximize efficiency and to ensure customer parts are delivered on time every time. Complexx Machining prides itself on its professionalism and quality when manufacturing parts for each customer.


Complexx Machining management and employees are focused on quality in the assembly process, making sure each product detail is addressed and the assembly process is effective. Together with company quality commitment and accurate inspection, all parts assembled by Complexx Machining will be to customer requirements and specifications.


The Complexx Machining facility is located in Southeast Wichita. We house 3- & 4-axis milling machines, lathe machine and precision inspection equipment. We are organizing resources to expand from our current 10,000 square-foot facility to a larger building.

Computer Numerical Controlled Mills

Computer Numerical Controlled Mills & LATHE

  • 1)   3 & 4 AxisHaas VFOE                  Travel:  30x16x20 

  • 2)  3 & 4 AxisHaas VFOE                   Travel:  30x16x20 

  • 3)  3 & 4 AxisHaas VF                    Travel:  30x16x20

  • 4)  3, 4 & 5 Axis Haas VF-4SS          Travel:  50x20x24 

  • 5)  3, 4 & 5  Axis Haas VF-4SS         Travel:  50x20x24 

  • 6)  3 & 4 Axis  Haas VF-4SS             Travel:  50x20x24 

  • 7)  3 & 4 Axis Haas VF-4SS              Travel:  50x20x24

  • 8)  3 & 4 Axis Haas VF-4SS              Travel:  50x20x24 

  • 9)  3 & 4 Axis Haas VF-5/50 EX     Travel:  60x26x25

  • 10) 3, 4 & 5  Axis Haas VF-6 /50     Travel:  64x30x30

  • 11) 3 & 4 Axis Haas VF-6/50            Travel:  64x30x30

  • 12) 3 & 4 Axis Haas VF-6 /50          Travel:  64x30x30

  • 13) 3 & 4 Axis Haas VF-7/40            Travel:  84x30x30

  • 14) 3 & 4 Axis  Haas VF-7/50          Travel:  84x30x30

  • 15) 3 & 4 Axis Haas VF-7/50           Travel:  84x30x30

  • 16) 3 Axis  TREE 840                                      Travel:  33x16x25

  • 17) 3 Axis TREE 1060                                     Travel:  40x24x25

  • 18) 3, 4 & 5  Axis Haas VR-9 /40     Travel:  84x40x30

  • 19) 2 Axis Lathe  - HAAS SL-10                    Travel 11 x 13 


Inspection Equipment

  • Catia                  

  • MasterCam

  • SmartCamCNC

  • Verisurf              

Complexx Machining specializes in CNC milling projects with a soft spot for hard metals. Contact us for a quote!
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Our Story

Complexx Machining, LLC started operations in Wichita, Kansas in 2004 by Owner and President, Godi Daran, an experienced aerospace industry manufacturer with over 20 years of aerospace machining experience. What started as a small, high-quality machining operation has since developed into a key element of the aerospace industry.

Over the years the operation has progressively increased capacity and improved operating processes to shape their system into an efficient, value-added production operation.

Complexx Machining believes that all of customers deserve the highest level of service, and is committed to providing that and more. By keeping in tune with new technology and proven machining techniques, Complexx has gained a competitive edge that has contributed to its success as an aerospace supplier.

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"The quality of each product reflects the dedication to our mission."



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